Is justin timberlake dating janet jackson

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They recall her covering her right breast with mortification that may or may not have been manufactured.

But people tend to forget that the contest eclipsed by Nipplegate was one of the most thrilling in the history of the Big Game.

Clad in a tear-away referee’s outfit, Roberts sneaked out of the stands at Houston’s Reliant Stadium, past security guards and onto the field, where he disrobed, then performed an Irish jig before being leveled by Patriots linebacker Matt Chatham.

Magic Markered onto his back, below the words SUPER BOWEL, was the name of a gambling website, whose officials grumbled afterward that their guerilla marketing coup had been undercut by the surprise celebrity nudity immediately preceding it.

You know Rosario, she was the actress in movies like and a lot more. Henson If you are like most of the staff here and read Common’s memoir, “One Day It’ll All Make Sense,” then you probably already knew that these two were an item.