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The sitcom was portrayed to take place in the affluent Leimert Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

The show dealt with real teen social issues such as teen pregnancy, drug use, race relations, premarital sex, the death of a parent, and day-to-day issues teenagers faced at home and school.

As always, hosts LL Cool J and television personality, author, and model Chrissy Teigen will return to the stage as well.

Be sure to watch the episode, airing on Thursday, May 18 at pm ET/PT!

It went on to become the biggest success for the nascent network and one of the greatest hits over the course of the network's entire run.

The show focuses on the life of a middle class African-American family through the eyes of a typical girl named Moesha.

His mother is Caucasian, of Irish Catholic descent, and his father is part Hungarian and part Mexican. Another musician with a very calming voice, Harper comes from a diversified background.