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Best regards, Alf Egil Johannessen Hi, I have an obituary for a friend of my late father. Recent deceased is Francis O'Rourke, he was a 1st LT bombardier. I would just like to say how very proud of his father he is and of his wonderful mother.He became a Catholic Franciscan priest and died in 2008 in Boston. Lt ES Moorhead would be so proud of all of them today.

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There was talk that Martin had reconciled with Paltrow toward the end of last year, especially after rumours started swirling of Martin and Lawrence's split.

However, a source denied those claims and told the magazine, that the exes were both interested in moving on."There's definitely some kind of 'race' on between Chris and Gwyneth to see who can settle down first with a new partner," the source said.

Looking at the pages on B26and seeing what a proud strong man his father was makes me proud to call them my friends. Moorhead but have been so blessed to know his wonderful family who I am sure got that way b/c of wonderful parents.

Of the dozens of firms that have built outboard motors during the last 90 years, there is one that holds a very special distinction.

" PHOTOS: Costar couples Tell Us: Are you glad Lawrence and Hoult are back together?