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The only constant coming out of Jon Gosselin's mouth – everything is Kate's fault. I just always feel like they're trying to control me in some way and trying to f–king break me in some way, and I just quit." Farrah comes to the conclusion that she is in a "sexual depression" right now and "things need to f–king repair" before she's able to move forward. Jenn thinks Farrah's early experiences robbed her of a healthy sex life.

Now, I'm not a reality TV doctor, but I blame Farrah's personality first and foremost.

She has a deep connection with the spiritual world and was able to communicate messages from that world which were clearly intended for me. I went in with some very specific questions in mind that I wanted to ask about.

Her insight seems to come from her special gifts as a medium as well as from an open and compassionate heart. Not only were all of these questions answered in great detail, but Spirit also presented some other ideas that I had not even considered.

7/29/2015 Immensely helpful Jill connected with my grandmother at a time when my own mother is getting ready to transition.

She gave me valuable spiritual insights to sustain me in making some major life changes of my own. She is hands down the best reader I have ever been to.

“[They were] on a double date with Ben Mc Kenzie and Shelley Hennig,” a source told the mag about the group on an outing this past weekend.