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In his early career Northern Irish actor John Lynch played several notable characters who fell foul of the law.

His haunting, Bafta-nominated performance in the 1984 film Cal saw him portray a young IRA man in love with the widow of a murdered RUC officer, played by Helen Mirren, while in Jim Sheridan's In The Name of the Father, he starred as Belfast man Paul Hill, one of four people wrongly convicted of the 1974 Guildford pub bombings.

Stars: Sela Ward, Billy Campbell, Jeffrey Nordling, Julia Whelan Based on a true story: Ron Levin, a wealthy businessman has disappeared. Chomsky A sinister corporation loses control of a house cat infected with a genetically engineered virus.

No body is found, but there was a list with instructions in his house - a recipe for murder. The death toll rises during the mutant feline's rampage and, eventually, it finds its way on board the yacht of a criminal kingpin.

Our characters start dating in the book, and um, yeah, I think we - and we made up little back stories to our characters and little outtakes that we'd bring up to Edgar as a joke, and you know, kind of see different sides of stuff.

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