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The Duchess, who's been taking it easy since her bout with severe morning sickness, surfaced in the area last Friday.

Swift tweeted Friday afternoon: "Hey everybody, Michael J. Thank you for having my back." Kate Middleton Goes to Starbucks, Eats a Cookie If you happened to be grabbing your java at a Starbucks in Kensington Gardens last week, then you might have the run-in of a lifetime with pregnant Kate Middleton.

However, in a later interview, the actor actually agreed with Ms. At a book party this week, Vulture quizzed Fox about who he'd feel if Swift did pursue his son. Bell and Shepard have been engaged since 2007 and will become parents in late spring.

She stopped by the coffee retailer for a decaf beverage and a cookie. We all love Josh, but c'mon now." She's referring to Kristen Bell's Dog Is Excited About Her Baby Belly There are a lot of pregnant stars out there right now, but one of our favorite moms-to-be is the loveable Kristen Bell.

She's lucky that way." She added that her daughter's last name makes sense "and then the rest, she can name all her own children all these interesting names. They left the studio separately Thursday night but could have very easily met up for post-work drinks later in the evening. Michelle Williams Talks Depression Destiny's Child singer Michelle Williams has a lot of exciting projects already in the works for 2013.