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Two were 25-year old self-proclaimed virgins – ‘an impossible dream for Elvis who was obsessed with virginity’ – and the other, hardly a virgin.

Wearing his lengthy Edwardian jacket draped around his shoulders and purple tunic underneath with his hairy chest exposed, he looked like he had stepped out of a horror movie or was wearing a Halloween costume.

34th Field Artillery Battalion 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment 187th Regimental Combat Team 101st Airborne Division Superintendent of the U. Military Academy XVIII Airborne Corps Military Assistance Command, Vietnam Chief of Staff of the United States Army William Childs Westmoreland (March 26, 1914 – July 18, 2005) was a United States Army general, who most notably commanded U. These demands were clearly contradictory, as even some of his critics acknowledged, and when casualties inevitably mounted, he was accused of pursuing a war of attrition.

From Westmoreland’s arrival in South Vietnam in January 1964, his brief was to achieve outright victory over the Northern-backed Viet Cong, with minimal US casualties, without provoking the Chinese by attacks on the North.

Westmoreland’s strategy, based on artillery and air power, was tactically successful but politically unsuccessful, as it resulted in large-scale casualties among non-combatants, which eroded American support for the war.