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And the book seemed to imply that most women were lowly, desperate creatures.This particular version is about dating in the digital age, so it covers things like how to handle online dating, Facebooking, Tweeting and texting; they even included a handy little "Text-Back Times" table, which outlines how long you should wait before responding to a text, depending on how old you are.The book was immediately hard to take seriously because the writing and structure was a little elementary and repetitive (but I guess dating advice has to be drilled into the receiver's head).

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But once your lover's emotions are engaged, and the feeling of love has crystallized, absence inflames and excites.

Giving no reason for your absence excites even more: The other person assumes he or she is at fault.

What withdraws, what becomes scarce, suddenly seems to deserve our respect and honor.

What stays too long, inundating us with its presence, makes us disdain it.

Think of that person you weren't interested in, till she or he started dating someone else. This restriction and opposition even has it’s own term - reactance. If you have hundreds in stock don’t advertise the fact you have a finite 11.