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We decided to take a look back and unearth some lesser known info about Cameron Giles.There's everything from the fact that he once moonlighted as an interior decorator to the details behind his relationship with Biggie. “We couldn’t do a show called ‘Modern Family’ if we didn’t see the kitchen as part of the dining and family room in one flowing space.”The kitchen chairs changed from the time that photo of the set was taken (above) and this episode was filmed (below).

And, although the two locations do share some similarities – they are both duplexes, have wooden front doors, and arched entryways – in actuality they don’t look anything alike.

Modern Family is a TV show that was covered in several blog posts on Brands&Films, but none of them had involved locations from the series.

And, amazingly enough, because my fiancé is also a big fan of Spanish houses, getting him to take me there didn’t actually require much arm-twisting on my part. Because Mitchell and Cameron live in a duplex on the show, their building has two addresses – 22. But, even though the residence is also a duplex in real life, according to Zillow it only boasts one number – 2211. I am guessing that the 2213 sign shown in the above screen capture was just a prop that was brought in for the filming, which strikes me as odd being that it doesn’t match up to the real sign.

This was one filming location he was actually looking forward to stalking. Cameron and Mitchell’s duplex shows up each week in the opening credits . You’d think the producers would have wanted the two signs to look somewhat similar, but they don’t! 😉 I HIGHLY recommend stalking Mitchell and Cameron’s house as it is absolutely ADORABLE in person.

Cam‘s delicate voice is as memorable as her story of heartbreak in “Burning House,” her new single on Sony Nashville. Her production team does a great job of not getting in the way.