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Let’s say that you have a product catalogue or a price list and sometimes you need to apply changes to the product prices listed in a table.

If you just import the Excel file into In Design, then when it’s time to change the prices you’ll have to: This is NOT something I would love to do any time there is a price update.

The graph is now a drawing object in Power Point that can be moved and proportionally size, but not edited.

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Link excel sheets for updating

Among the parties who oppose Google Sheets are Excel power users who are vocal in their opinion that the platform is light years away from replacing Excel.

I find myself among the group of Excel users who do not find Google Sheets to be a replacement for spreadsheet work and have been reluctant to work with any data in the platform.

If the graphs you want to use in your Power Point presentation will change regularly, it can be a hassle to create them from scratch every time there is an update to the data.

It is likely that the data used to create the graph is coming from an Excel worksheet, so why not link the graph on the slide directly to the Excel data. I will describe each method, and then show a table that summarizes the differences.

You can import a linking spreadsheet that you can update from Excel.