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There's an old, old blues couplet — I first heard Big Bill Broonzy sing it but it certainly goes further back than even his recollection did, probably to some recently emancipated tenant farmer in the Yazoo Delta looking out from his front porch at the wavy red reflections on the river — "The sun rises in the east, mama, and it sets down in the west/It's so hard, hard to tell which woman will love you the best." Albert King's "Blues at Sunrise" on this LP opens this way.

"Sun rises in the east, lover, it set deeply in the west/I've been lookin' for my lover and I haven't found her yet." In other words, this is not the place to look for something shockingly new, "inventive," surreal, etc.

In the end, the money will be gone along with the person you thought you knew.

24 bit remastered reissued 1968 Stax classic - blistering blues guitar workouts live at the Fillmore King signed with Stax in 1966 and soon began winning over young white listeners.

His serrate vocals and homey chats are superfluous.