Mandy moore and shane west dating 2016

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They finally overcome societal expectations and get together, but then the worst thing happens. And so what is stopping them from reconnecting and adopting a baby they name Moore West? They both played terrible people but they were also beautiful, sunkissed people who rocked highlights like nobody’s business.

Right after they get married, Jamie dies of cancer. But the one silver lining to this is that it’s not true! For all of those reasons, the Moore-EVD reign needs a 2015 reboot.

It wasn’t in the cards for them then, but why not give it a shot now?

I would love to be able to turn on a Lakers game and see the Moore-Roddick power duo back in the stands. In 2002, Moore and West teamed up for the epic Kleenex sponsored movie, “A Walk to Remember.” The Nicholas Sparks adaptation tells the story of popular bad boy Landon Carter played by West, and Jesus lover Jamie Sullivan played by Moore. EVD as hunky Josh Bryant in “The Princess Diaries” was a perfect match for Moore’s character, Lana Thomas.

The Louisiana native might’ve been a perfect movie star in the romance film, but overall his career has catered more towards TV and we’re not mad about it.