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Not that it The so-called “hackers” in these particular news stories have not been predators or burglars; they turned out to be people (okay, jerks) who stumbled onto an unsecure Wi Fi network and took advantage.That’s not actually hacking, although it sure sounds better in news headlines.While the mom was on her phone and oblivious to the kiss cam at first, her son just shakes his head in disbelief, points to her, and mouths "she's my mom." At that point, his mother looks up, makes a truly disgusted face, and looks away as everyone behind them cracks a smile. While the initial idea to showcase some love at sporting events may have been sweet, in reality it can easily turn coercive and homophobic.

Mothers of Multiples is focused on increasing awareness and exercising diligence in all areas of Safety At Home, including: We're more connected than ever before, and while this seemingly makes life easier, it's making security more difficult.

Many of us can't even think of living without our Webcams and our Internet-connected TVs - to get access to Disney Movies asap.

As it turned out, the security cameras she'd installed in her daughter's room to keep them safe had been hacked and the footage had been uploaded on the internet to livestream. People are watching my kids in their home, dressing, sleeping, playing," Jennifer said.

Shelby Ivie, another mother who lives in Oregon, stumbled upon the feed by accident last weekend.

Pointing people out for being visibly queer and then asking them to kiss each other literally in front of a stadium full of people could potentially put them in danger.