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It's because you've been telling lies about Montreal, and you didn't even know it.

From the Metro to street signs to simple geographical directions, Montreal's residents unwittingly uphold some pretty interesting untruths, so be fooled no longer, and read on to reveal some “facts” about Montreal that are actually lies...

" The team conducted an internet survey with 799 women and 717 men, where the mean age of the subjects was 30 years.

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However, there is remarkably little research examining this aspect of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) or strategies to facilitate successful relationships.

We know that young adults with Asperger’s syndrome have significant difficulty developing peer relationships and are developmentally delayed in knowing what someone may be thinking or feeling.

Until recently, scientists had limited data on what constituted a normal sexual fantasy versus an unusual one, and most surveys that had explored this sensitive territory had surveyed only university students. To find out once and for all what the general population thinks about, a team of scientists at the University of Montreal in Quebec, Canada, straight up asked 1,517 adults residing in Quebec about their sexual fantasies.

They published their findings on Friday in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Everyone seems to assume that Montreal's Underground City, the most expansive on the globe, is also the world’s largest underground retail network... Technically, the accolade of the world's biggest underground shopping complex goes to Toronto's Underground Pedestrian Walkway, otherwise known as PATH, according to Guinness.