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“I think I’ve been about as naughty as you can get.” She gives one of those faraway but saucy, you-name-it/I’ve-done-it grins. Hanging out at their house in Chelsea with Dirk Bogarde and James Mason floating around, going to the Savoy for tea with Noël Coward…

I get very creative and I’m too old to be that creative now. They say, ‘You were so off your t*ts last night.’ But my daughter says, ‘That means Mummy’s had four coffees.’” She’s given up smoking (“I’ve been on and off all my life”) and insists it’s had nothing to do with her distinctive husky voice: she’s always had one and her son does too. “And I have an adoptive daughter Joycie who’s now back in Africa.” A second dog, a bitch called John, now resides in America with Nicolette Sheridan (Edie from Desperate Housewives). “Meeting Liza and her mother [Judy Garland, of course] had a huge effect.

She clings to my arm as though she’s back traversing a perilous quarry in Doctor Who. ’ And my friend says, ‘That’s a , Katy.’ I’m watering a palm tree in the street and someone will say, ‘I don’t think that telegraph pole will get any bigger.’ Once I tried to take the wrong children home from school! “I’ll show you my Archie if you show me yours,” she says as we ferret for our mobiles. There are too many people involved I don’t really need to talk about. He was carried down the streets of Wales after fighting for miners’ causes. But I’m very withdrawn and quiet and love doing things on my own.” She’s a bundle of insecurities, especially about her looks.

” Katy is, however, is a dab-hand on her i Phone (kept in a chic Biba sleeve) and is a fiend for Twitter (@Manning Official) – it keeps her in nose-level contact with chums and fans. ” We’re also dog lovers and our pooches have the same name. It would be so goddamn boring tracking back over my life, which ain’t over yet. Katy’s father – the biggest influence in her life – was JL Manning, a politician turned sports journalist. He fought to have a doctor at the side of a boxing ring; fought against apartheid in schools in Africa, for pensions for journalists’ families.

‘It is a different time we’re living in altogether,’ she said. Drugs were always there but even in the early days in the 60s – Make Love Not War and all the rest of it – I couldn’t do any of that because, you know why?