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The filters are as follows: Our primary filter is a deny filter which denies: access to World-Wide Web sites that contain pornography, IRC or Internet Relay Chat which contains chat channels where pornography is readily available, as well as preditory individuals who seek out the young, naive and susceptable, FTP or File Transfer Protocol which can contain sites where pornography is easily accessible, General chat access programs such as Internet Phone, Free Tell, MS Netmeeting, Cool Talk, and ICQ where pornographic material is readily available and preditory individuals prey on the naive and susceptable -- much like IRC (Internet Relay Chat), Modified Primary Filter: the primary filter may be modified at the customer's discretion as follows (only an adult primary customer may request removal of any of the filters -- no one under the age of 18 can request removal of any filter): removing the filter to World-Wide Web sites that contain pornography , adult primary account customers may request the removal of the IRC filter, adult primary account customers may request the removal of the FTP filter, adult primary account customers may request removal of specific "chat" programs filters such as ICQ, MS Netmeeting, Cool Talk, Free Tell and Internet Phone, Child & Young Adult Filter: (typically used with a personal secondary login for a child) Spo Com.

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Com has chosen a unique and very versitile Server-Side filtering system that gives us the ability to filter internet access in many ways.

That translates to the customer as several benefits that they would not have with other filtered services. Com customer has a login name and password which is attached to a filter or combination of filters which they can choose from. Com customer has the primary filter automatically installed on their primary login name and password and may then modify it somewhat to suit their needs.

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