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As Rebecca Traister pointed out in a recent cover story for New York Magazine — adapted from her book on the same subject — there are now so many single population.

For any other group of this size, social scientists would have dug in by now — they would have started figuring out what makes this group tick, what their preferences are, and what sets them apart from the rest of the population (that is, people who are married).

Throughout most of its history, New Scientist has published cartoons as light relief and comment on the news, with contributions from such long-time regular contributors as Mike Peyton and David Austin.

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They take all the right courses at college and then embark on a Ph D in their chosen field.

After many years of hard effort (including chunks of time racked with doubt and frustration), they complete a solid body of work that contains some genuinely new discoveries.

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One would be a lot more likely than the other to be eating delivery pizza alone on a Friday night, that’s forover.