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Nicaragua has been a source of debate in the United States since shortly after the Somoza dictatorship was overthrown in 1979. Even today, this polarization remains and there is a persistent lack of balanced analysis.

An impartial observer would note that the Ortega administration has made important progress in reducing poverty, expanding economic growth and improving access to social services.

Update: This piece has been amended to note the October 21 announcement that the OAS Secretary General's office and the government of Nicaragua will create a special commission to assess the political and electoral situation in the country, though its report will be released after the elections.

On November 6, Nicaragua will elect the country’s next president, as well as 90 members of the National Assembly and representatives to the Central American Parliament. analysts and politicians alike saw the country and its development through the lens of the Cold War, and judgments about both political and economic events there have continued to be colored by political sympathies.

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