Nis ipnodes not updating

ipfstat -hio 2) Configuring CUPS on solaris 10: /usr/sadm/admin/bin/printmgr 3) fmstat A server running a late build of Solaris 10 detected a CPU fault, and offlined the CPU on the fly - no impact to the system at all.

nis ipnodes not updating-40

Central node ring setting now accepts multiple node specifiers (separated by any combination of spaces and/or commas), and also now understands glob syntax, so you can put for example, *.mydomain.tld, somehost.and it will do what you'd expect.

There is now a compile-time configure option ('--with-c-ares', disabled by default) to enable DNS resolution via the c-ares library, supplanting Ether Ape's built-in multithreaded gethostbyaddr(3)-based resolver.

The yp domain directory is /var/yp/Can we destroy the existing /var/yp/and its contents? The remainder of the procedure should take5 to 10 minutes. Running /var/yp /Makefile...updated passwdupdated groupupdated hostsupdated ipnodesupdated ethersupdated networksupdated rpcupdated servicesupdated protocolsupdated netgroupupdated bootparams/var/yp/ 12 aliases, longest 10 bytes, 138 bytes total/usr/lib/netsvc/yp/mkalias /var/yp/`domainname`/mail.aliases /var/yp/`domainname`/mail.byaddr;updated aliasesupdated publickeyupdated netid/usr/sbin/makedbm /etc/netmasks /var/yp/`domainname`/netmasks.byaddr; updated netmasksupdated timezoneupdated auto.masterupdated auto.homeupdated ageingupdated auth_attrupdated exec_attrupdated prof_attrupdated user_attrupdated audit_user solaris has been set up as a yp master server without any errors.

Did you try putting /usr/local/lib into the system runtime linking environment with "crle" first?

For a device to be bootable, the LIF volume on that device must contain at least the ISL (the initial system loader) and HPUX (the HP-UX bootstrap utility) LIF files.