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The problem I had was that even when the end time had passed and Outlook’s feature had been turned off automatically, Lync’s feature remained on.

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Closing and reopening both Lync and Outlook had no apparent effect.

I discovered that if I manually activated the Oo OA and then manually deactivated it, Lync was once again properly synched up with Exchange and the red asterisk and status message reverted to their default states.

But a sync error has prevented contact photos from displaying in Lync clients. (Oh, and one thing: If you have an address book sync error, I recommend employing the fixes in the order we’ve put them. Others involve some deeper systems administration, and you risk some secondary problems. ) If deleting the local address book files didn’t work for you, try this step next.

One fix, while useful (and successful in a few instances), didn’t work 100%. Add the following entry to every client registry: 32Bit Clients: Location – [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftware Policies Microsoft Communicator] New DWORD Value – “Gal Download Initial Delay” Value Data = 00000000 64bit Clients: Location – [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftware Wow6432Node Policies Microsoft Communicator] New DWORD value – “Gal Download Initial Delay” Value Data = 00000000 Why? As I said last time, deleting Gal and Gal idx makes Lync 2010 re-download them from the server.

What is his actual status and can he be reached via a specific device?