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The policy does, however, permit many relationships in settings such as community-based organizations, church activities, sports events, and family and unit social functions.

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Furthermore, the policy prohibits the borrowing and lending of money (no de minimis exception), and commercial solicitations, between officers and enlisted personnel.

There is an exception for Guard and Reserve Soldiers when the relationship exists primarily due to civilian employment. Team-Building Relationships Social contacts between officers and enlisted members, or between Soldiers of different ranks, in forums such as community organizations, church activities, sports events, family gatherings, and unit social functions are permitted. Enforcement of Policy The policy recognizes that commanders are responsible for enforcing the terms and conditions of the policy.

so I am fairly new to this whole military life thing..(less than 2 years..).

All I know about military life is what I see on Army wives and from my USAF officer FI.

Like recruiters and educators, counselors and caregivers have a strong professional obligation to those who rely on their services.