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Vogel lies within the Triglav National Park, at the head of the Bohinj valley.

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We offer grinding services for the V-Twin engines such as: Kohler, Briggs, Kawasaki, Onan and Generac. This unit covers a variety of horsepower applications more cost effectively but with the same tunability those using the Big Spline clutch have come to appreciate.

We have flat tappet profiles for different applications as listed. V338-245/338-238-3 Stock Class Camshaft Grind: $195 on your core.

This Mind-Control Orb would release a powerful gas that would reduce any Minifig in the vicinity into a mindless zombie-like drone that would obey Ogel's commands.

Machine and created the first Evil Orb, the Mind-Control Orb, from evil plants from Ogel's Island and Green Goo from the Goo Caverns.

Asymmetrical profile with high opening rates and slower closing ramps. Runs with stock Kohler tappets but 1.280" tappet is recommended.