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Beaten: Paul turned into a green-eyed monster punching Michelle repeatedly in the face and even stabbed her in the leg, refusing to take her to hospital.She was told if it had been a deeper cut, she would have bled to death Deceiving: Michelle thought she was being set up by the dating web gods, she was actually in store for a nasty surprise when her tall, dark, handsome lover turned out to be a violent monster who beat and stabbed her 'But I didn’t want to write off the idea completely so I thought I would try a different site and see if my luck might be any better.I guess in the business world I am, however in matters of the heart, the heart can override common sense and logic. This progression continued and plans were being made for him to come see me on his way home from a trip. He was very responsive – never anything inappropriate – no red flags there. In the days that followed many emotions overwhelmed me – I was crushed, mad, completely embarrassed, and heartbroken. Rest assured I will be ever so aware of every single red flag.

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And what’s worse is that he was let out on tag last month, so now he’s back on the streets, free to terrorise other women.

I take pride in having a great career and being very logical. We would text, IM, or talk on the phone several times a day. I think he was actually testing the waters to see if I had caught on, or if I really just couldn’t at that moment send him money.

But for every normal person with an online dating profile, there are about 25 psychos you have to filter out. Taking the right precautions and doing a background check is key.

"You want to see what type of person you're dealing with, what history they have, if they've been arrested and if they've been in trouble,"-Detective Keith De Persia addressing a sexual assault case. First of all, she said Banks introduced himself as “Rylan.” So not only is he the one misrepresenting himself, but she also claims he was sexually aggressive throughout the first date and she feared for her life.

One morning while working and IM’ing, he asked if I could fund part of a work project.