Let us see how to use some events of this class to display progress to the user while the Update Panel updates its contents.


In Figure 1, we saw fields identified as telephone numbers, salaries, etc. In this section, you learn how to format those fields to make them more usable for your site visitors.

In Design View, click on the Gridview and click on the arrow pointing to the right to bring up the Grid View Tasks pop-up.

Team members will see a noticeable change in the timesheet user interface (UI).

Options available on the ribbon have been split into multiple tabs, with the most commonly-used functions grouped on one tab to simplify the reporting process.

To provide context for this post, it's important to note that the product is split in two parts: - Platform: kernel things, and some X code that are lower-level; things like batch framework, number sequences, print management, user info, etc. Platform Releases After the release of Platform Update 4 (in February 2017), the platform now releases a monthly update.