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Your presence, your connection with yourself and that which is greater than yourself is far more important than what you do but also is the thing that fuels what you do.” Oprah dropped a powerful statement when she said: “Align your personality with your purpose and no one can touch you.” Every single person that came onto the Oprah Winfrey Show and even currently her Oprah Winfrey Network always says “was that ok? From the murderer to Beyonce it was always the same question.These 30,000 people Oprah has interviewed over time had one thing in common: They all wanted validation.Normally when we think of Oprah we picture her interviewing someone right?

Oprah shares insightful moments of her career journey dating back to her first radio show appearance when she was 16 year sold.

Her news anchor appearances and her transition into talk show television, where she demonstrates the importance of listening to your instincts.

'" she recalled during a 2015 interview with Shonda Rhimes.

Winfrey and Graham agreed to postpone the 1993 ceremony, but neither ever mentioned it again.

Even then, Winfrey knew she didn't want to tie the knot.

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