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Then just recently the ever-glamorous Joan Collins, 81, appeared at a formal function in a skirt suit and no tights, admittedly amid much tut-tutting from the style police.

Bare legs on older women can look horrible, but nowadays tights in summer might look even worse.

You should also head to bisexual websites and online forums for insight, advice, and support. There are lots of bi folks out there who've come out to their conservative families, who've overcome their fear of being rejected for being bi, and who know that bisexuality is something that can—if a person is open about it—attract the right kinds of partners, i.e., partners who view bisexuality as a plus. And finally, HNH, bisexual guys don't have to settle for straight girls who don't understand or gay dudes who can't deal.

In the olden days, it was easy enough because there were strict rules, even if they were unspoken.

Presumably you were doing something more than pining away and jerking it between 15 and 23—you were getting an education, seeing a movie now and then, having a decent meal once in a while, etc.