Phantom of the opera dating game

They're a free con, but they do make some donations to some awesome charities (Relay for Life, ALS Association and Mandi's Maniacs) so we'll be donating vouchers and items to the 50/50 raffle to support them. That really sucks, but I needed to commission something from him that only he could make. Back story time - I'm polyamorous, which means I am with someone but I want to have relationships with other people.

I've been dreading trying to find the right words to tell my business partner how I felt, but she seemed to think that writing a passive aggressive (and sometimes just downright aggressive) blog about it was a better way to handle it. I didn't want to write until I knew where I stood with the situation, but now that they've made that clear, I know that I wasn't being unreasonable in my assumptions. I had a lot of fun with many friends, including several new ones.

The con was last weekend, and things didn't go as planned. Some of you are probably like 'why is that a big deal, don't most people? Except up until this point, my father has told me that as long as I didn't go to U of M or MSU, he would pay for my school. Except for last semester when I went to a local university that he couldn't afford, so I had to drop my classes and lost my Youmacon was Wonderful - Time for MOAR! Despite all the failings that led up to the weekend, Youmacon was absolutely wonderful!

Complete: What better mask than the faceless world of the Internet? This is a Modern EC fic involving Christine as a genius barista, Erik, and the 'net.

The Anonymous Medium Christine logged on to her Trillian instant messenger with a grin of anticipation, fingers crossed in the hopes that he'd still be on.

Mwah, Bomee~ This game may only appear on and Game PLay Hints: Buy stickyfilm, have hp, lots of exp, and you can end the game any time :) i didn't give it 5 stars, because you can't get a good end with the pink haired girl.