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There are large landscaped gardens and a 10m x 5m heated pool, with children's paddling pool and is an ideal location for family holidays.

Both houses are open throughout the year and can be rented for either whole weeks during the summer months or short breaks and long stays during the remainder of the year.

Perhaps Gleeden's conclusions are no surprise given that a survey last year by French statistics agency INSEE revealed that women in France still carry out two thirds of domestic chores, even though men were pulling their weight more than in the past.

Perhaps a similar survey needs to be carried of Gleeden’s male members given that one in two Frenchmen in couples admits to cheating on their partner, according to a 2014 Ifop poll.

Among the 10,000 Gleeden members who responded to the question some 86 percent said they were deeply frustrated by their man’s tendency to skip housework and 84 percent admitted to it having caused arguments.

Women responded that the overburden of housework left them looking for satisfaction, attention and a desire to feel feminine, that the vacuum cleaner and rubber gloves could not give them.

And the reason for the rise in cheating among couples?