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Even among 20-somethings who currently attend church, almost 40% don’t think premarital sex is wrong. America, in times past, based its thinking on God’s Word.

Morality was largely determined by what God’s Word taught.

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the #1 complaint about our book is that we don't say anything about how to put these ideas into action.

Marriage is no longer a sacred institution in America.

OKCupid has been the go-to dating site for some non-monogamous folks over the years, but a new poly-specific dating site might change that. It will be completely free, save for some optional advanced features.

KōTangle is a global dating site for the ethically non-monogamous created by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethá, authors of . These advanced features, which will include access to special events, will be available to anyone who sets up an account prior to the official launch.

We live in a sin-cursed world and every human being is fallen.

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    Of course, such a statement could boost your ego but what if he isn't really sincere?

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    Dating fatigue can occur due to the amount of time, money and effort spent in the dating marketplace. Is your lifestyle commensurate with your partner’s? Religion: Is your religious devotion a significant aspect of your life?

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    When we realized there wasn’t a date centered around it we had to get going! Show your spouse that you have put effort into this one by inviting them to join you!

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    Need bucks heterosexual anal sex in talking and hundred of them important to note that married couples published earlier this year, which a man on the dating.