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He lives in a city quite far away from me, but is here for two weeks. This is fine, except I have absolutely and honestly zero time till Sunday; today was the only time I had free. Personally, I think if he tells me he can't make it today, I'm going to call the whole thing off completely.

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The worst thing you can do is take it as her ignoring you or being rude. Bring Her Lunch At Work Because this #Never Not Working woman may be stuck at her desk, lunch may slip her mind. She doesn’t always have time to take a break or may even forget to order something to keep her going throughout the day. If she’s interested in you, she will make time for you in her #Never Not Working life, we promise.

Look at it from the perspective of “damn, this woman is on her grind and will get back to me when she can.” Don’t double text the girl asking where she is. However, this simple gesture will definitely have her pay attention to you and possibly even have her take you seriously. Becoming that thirsty guy will come off as annoying, inconsiderate, and unfortunately, will leave you at home without the amazing woman you just found. Know What You’re Getting Into Prepare yourself to accommodate to the lifestyle of someone who’s always busy.

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