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Karina is originally from Chihuahua, Mexico and graduated from high school in Mc Allen, TX.More » His catalog covers the many strands of 20th century American music: pop, jazz, Tin Pan Alley, rock, country, soul, etc.

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In our interview series so far, we’ve featured an atheist, a Catholic, an Orthodox Jew, a humanitarian, a Mormon, a Mennonite, an evolutionary creationist, and a Calvinist.

When I asked who you wanted to hear from next, many of you requested an interview with a gay Christian.

Right now, the church's reputation (especially in the gay community) is that we're a bunch of holier-than-thou jerks who are quick to preach and dole out advice but slow to take an interest in people. Yes, we are called to take moral stands on issues, but we ought to be known first and foremost for our love.

My story is long, but here's the short(ish) version.

Like Malone and like Wanda, she was born into Appalachian poverty.