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If a customer can show that there is “good cause” for not making the claim earlier then the authority can award backdated benefit.In order that the authority may consider backdating a claim, the customer must make a written request.

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When assessing entitlement to Housing Benefit the general rule is that awards are payable from the Monday following the date the claim is received at a designated office, unless a more favourable date can be found, either linked to a claim for an income related benefit, or on reaching 60, or evidence of the date of first contact or initial liability.

Backdating allows an authority to award benefit for a period prior to the date the application was made (or is deemed to have been made).

A claim can only be backdated for up to three months for Pension Credit age customers (this is automatically granted however proof of income / capital for this period must be supplied) and Housing Benefit backdating for working age customers can only be considered for a maximum period of one month from the date of the request.