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I know how to get access to these controls via the Find Control method when the row is being databound but how do I find the control during the Page_Load event? NET and started building an application with Grid View and Details View control.on click of either of the button i am opening a popup where the end user will enter data and on clck of ok button in the child page based on the click ie if i clicked update i need to update that particular row with the values from child page. When it goes into Edit mode, there are 3 dropdownlists in one cell that are populated by separate stored procedures during the Row Data Bound event.

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I want to calculate the products of rate and quantity and show it in Total as the textbox loses focus...i cant use textchanged because i dont want the page to postback. The 2nd dropdownlist's value is used as a parameter to determine what the 3rd dropdownlist is populated with.

Everything works fine when the row is first put into Edit mode.

The above piece of code will also do the same as label in Item Template and Textbox in the Edit Item Template.

By default all the boundfields will be trasferred as Textboxes in Edit Mode.

When I am putting a new value in, it is updating, but it isn't updating the new value, just the old one that is already there.