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She is also incredibly creative and thoughtful, always willing to help others and give great advice, the former seen in her Christmas present to Seth – a handmade graphic novel about Seth and Captain Oats.Having just moved to Newport Beach from Pittsburgh, she was paired with newcomer Ryan Atwood to attend the annual cotillion.

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Anna was the antithesis to Summer and seemed like a far better love match to Seth.

She was into comics, liked indie music, wore cute sweaters, and had a sassy haircut.

, a young woman is cyberstalked on a dating app, and literally every single man in her life (besides her dead father) is a suspect.

So just a friendly Valentine's Day reminder, via Lifetime, that no men are to be trusted and the ones who seem the nicest are the most likely to be killers.

) Sasha is one of those annoying people who sticks her nose into everyone's life and forces them to create an online dating profile. Please tell me it doesn't.) The match is Todd (Blake Berris), a guy Sasha swiped up on when she was creating Anna's profile.