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It was only in 1243 that the first two Consuls, the Captains Regent, were elected to office for a period of six months; a twice-yearly appointment made regularly since then right up to now, thereby confirming the efficiency of the institutions.

Always anxious to promote peaceful relations and goodwill, the Arengo drew up and promulgated the first laws, the Statutes, inspired by the principles of democracy.

Like Andorra, Liechtenstein and Monaco, it appears an anachronism, a reminder of the times when Europe — particularly Germany, Italy and the Pyrenees — was made up of tiny political units, sometimes extending no further than a cannon could fire from a city’s walls.

Along with Vatican City and Lesotho it is one of the three states surrounded by a single other country.

You could be forgiven for thinking the smallest competing nation at Eurovision is called San Valentino given that she’s representing San Marino for a fourth time. This year, Valentina is joined by Jimmie Wilson for a disco pop extravaganza that is Spirit Of The Night.