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But I am really grateful and happy about how the past year has gone." White is an artist who has captured the collective imagination.

For the past year White's life has been a cat-and-mouse game between a variety of timezones across the globe as she supported some of pop's most established stars including Coldplay, Jay Z, Kanye West, Björk and The Streets.

At the beginning of last year White found herself in the Top 10 of the BBC's Sound of 2008 poll, and now, with a critically acclaimed debut album behind her, she looks a hot tip for a Brit award.

It was poetry and journalism." Additionally, he has stated that Bob Marley, Casablancas met guitarist Nick Valensi and drummer Fab Moretti while playing together at the Dwight School in Manhattan.

Bassist Nikolai Fraiture had been friends with Casablancas and was attending the Lycée Français de New York.

and tiring Curled up on a chair in her hotel room wearing a grey T-shirt and a pair of comfortable trousers, Santogold, aka Philadelphia-born Santi White, nurses a cup of green tea.