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Elliot, tired of people walking over her, decides to get a make over and she finally gets some respect around the hospital, but J. breaks her heart by the end of their third year, just before Turk and Carla tie the knot. Meanwhile, a new doctor Molly Clock temporarily works at Sacred Heart. Cox and Jordan have their second, Jennifer Dylan Cox, on the same night that Laverne is killed in a car accident. Elliot then breaks off her engagement with Keith, and J. and her soon find themselves questioning if their friendship should be more. Kelso decides to retire from Sacred Heart, leaving a vacant spot as Chief of Medicine. Taylor Maddox fills the seat of Chief of Medicine, but after the staff force her out, Dr. Several new interns start working at Sacred Heart, including Denise Mahoney. Just as Turk is given the job of Chief of Surgery, J. finds another job closer to Sammy, and leaves Sacred Heart for good. and Elliot are married, and expecting their first child. Lucy Bennett is a freshman medical student at Winston University.

Scrubs is an American sitcom that premiered on October 2, 2001, on NBC which aired for 9 seasons and 181 episodes until its last episode was broadcast on ABC on March 17, 2010. has a child, Sam Perry Gilligan Dorian, and is married to Elliot Reid who he has another daughter with. He recently decided to be a visiting professor at Winston University. Christopher Turk is the Chief of Surgery at New Sacred Heart Hospital who is living with Type 2 Diabetes. D.'s room-mate at college and for their first years at Sacred Heart, but currently lives with his wife Carla Espinosa and his children. After finding life on the road less-than-exciting, Dr. He would often pull pranks on the staff (especially J.

It was created by Bill Lawrence and was produced by Doozer and ABC Studios. Perry Cox, nurse Carla Espinosa, and the deceitful and prankish Janitor. all serve as professors at the medical school, while Dr. D." Dorian started as an intern at Sacred Heart Hospital and worked his way up the ranks to become an internist Doctor of Internal Medicine. After Sacred Heart was torn down and rebuilt near Winston University, Turk began teaching classes to the young medical students. Elliot Reid is an endocrinology expert working in a private practice out of New Sacred Heart Hospital. Kelso began teaching at Winston University to keep his flirtatious shenanigans rolling. D.) of the hospital and is harshly truthful to patients. Denise Mahoney spent her first year at Sacred Heart as an intern during J. She was cold toward patients initially, but persistence from J.

The sequences played out in his daydreams are of surreal scenarios and situations that have just been mentioned or wondered about, often in an exaggerated manner. However, he later confesses to Cox that he still looks upon him as a hero, and admires him for caring so much about his patients that he takes it hard when things go badly for them. After Cox is promoted to Chief of Medicine in season 8, he and J. are often at odds over hospital matters, mirroring Cox's relationship with the former chief, Dr. D.'s inner monologue tells himself to "Tell him you think that's stupid. and Elliot lying on a bed in the on-call room, leaning in for a kiss.

Many of these are followed by a comment from him which, although in keeping with his daydream, sounds strange and is often highly unrelated to the initial topic, very often earning him odd looks from nearby characters in the scene. Tell him you need him," but they end up roommates again by the episode's end. and Elliot had an on-and-off romance throughout the series, it is not until the conclusion of Season 6 that they appear ready to get back together. The action remains unresolved until Season 7, when Elliot backs out. and Elliot are in fact married and expecting a child. character makes a cameo appearance in It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie, trying to reanimate Miss Piggy.

Scrubs has aired in more than 30 countries around the world. Also at the hospital are the wide range of personalities of Sacred Heart's staff, including the religious nurse Laverne Roberts, incompetent lawyer Ted Buckland, and spiteful board member Jordan Sullivan, Dr. Other interns make the cut, such as the high-fiving Todd Quinlan and nervous Doug Murphy. moves out of his apartment when he feels he is making things rocky between Turk and Carla, and Elliot finds a new job. also meets and impregnates Kim Briggs, a urologist. Denise Mahoney serves as a student advisor to the new med students, including the arrogant Cole Aaronson, dark Drew Suffin, and the hopeful Lucy Bennett, who takes over as the show's narrator. After growing up in a privileged life, Elliot has fought her way though the criticism of her co-workers and family but has ended up with a successful career. The Janitor of Sacred Heart Hospital is an unknown, shadowy character who rarely tells the truth about his past or present. He also enjoys taxidermy and was shown talking to his collection of dead squirrels. D., Elliot, and other hospital staff taught her how to deal with people.