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Exporting The financing of export sales concerns arrangements to get payment for the goods shipped or the services pro-vided—exactly the same issue domestically as well, but in the foreign setting the seller's power and leverage, ability to assess credit-worthiness, and his or her ability to collect are constrained by distance and differences in the legal system.

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Even after the law changed in 1997, many condominiums shied away from loans and continued to levy assessments.

Over time, though, more condo boards are deciding to borrow, especially for very large projects that would require onerous assessments.

Although relatively quick and easy to set up, overdrafts are usually short term arrangements where there is no requirement to repay an amount each month.

Interest rates on overdrafts fluctuate in line with the Bank of England Base Rate.

The transaction is usually managed by the lead lender, who may act as an agent for the other banks, each of which will be a signatory to the loan agreement.