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Such services operate in a similar way to the regular ones, but with one major difference: their member base is comprised of mainly senior men and women looking for love and relationship. ), area of living, education level, religion, hobbies and by many other parameters.

These free and paid websites enable their members to search and browse personal profiles based on criteria such as gender, age (over 50? Lately, the number of free dating sites increased and it seems like this phenomena will continue to gain speed in the coming years.

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Senior dating is not as new a concept as it sounds, it just seems to be talked about more openly these days. Probably the hardest thing to accept is when widows and widowers want to reconnect.

People in their 50's, 60's, 70's, and even 80's want to connect with like-minded individuals. This is human nature and it makes these seniors happy as many prefer to live out their golden years with a companion. It's not like being twenty-one, where when you head out, looking to meet other singles at a bar or club, and others know you're available and looking.

After all, loneliness is our #1 enemy and living with a partner can really improve you quality of life.

Senior singles, widows, widowers and people who had late divorce and interested in meeting other older people for dating, serious relationship or marriage, enjoy a wealth of websites that compete for their attention.

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