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I didn't kiss any of these men, reserving physical contact for the one—I might as well say it—who would eventually win my heart.After years alone, on the cusp of my 35th birthday, I was serious.

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Either way, believe me when I tell you to avoid these guys at all costs.

He's the guy with the amazing smile whose eyes gaze into yours as if you are the only one in the room. He comes over and says hello to you and the sound of his voice is so smooth. You're in love, or serious like, or is it just lust?

You go home and tell your friends about this amazing man.

He asks you out for Friday night and you accept the date.

If you've met him online, it can be more challenging. Don't think that bonding by having sex will keep him interested. It's the women who feel sad and disappointed when he doesn't call the next day. If you are always the Friday night or Saturday night date, let him know that this ritual is important to you. Put a date on your calendar on how long you are willing to date him before receiving a commitment and stick to it. Neither do women, so don't become the nagging girlfriend. Be true to yourself and decide when it's time to move on.