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He is one of the few preachers who are able to preach as Richard Baxter recommended: “as a dying man to dying men.” God has given him a great gift for teaching truth in a way that brings true repentance and reinvigorates dying zeal.It seems that wherever he preaches, the truth of God is made clear to all present—and they either love it more than ever or unleash their deep, secret hatred of it.

I know this will be a message that I will replay a few more times in the future.

If only our Christian youth today had such love and support from family and their churches to carry such a walk like this in their lives today.

I think the following video captures what I mean by that. The Bible says the heart is wicked beyond cure, so why in the world we would look to ourselves for anything is beyond me.

This sermon focuses on Jesus’ prayer in John 17:1-5, and the fact that Christ seeks for the Father and Himself to be glorified through the coming of His hour. Beck is truly into New Age, which is not Christianity.

I'm 36 now and have to say I was extremely impressed with everything Paul had to say in this message.