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Doing these things will result in you having some good standards. If not, you end up settling for something you don’t really want. Despite what the world thinks, Christian relationships are not dull and cold. There are ways to foster and reignite a lost spark, but if there’s nothing to begin with, they’re only a friend.

Is that how you want to describe your relationship? ” I don’t have to nail this principle down very hard; everybody knows it’s good to have standards in a relationship, or else you’ll end up with the lowest society has to offer. If you date someone who is only a friend, you miss out on the passion of a relationship. Some people are extremely shy, and I’m not saying make out at Denny’s. Every person is different and a world of desires cannot be summed up here.

First of all, here’s another article I found by chance that has everything to do with what I’m saying.

We’ve talked about all the pre-dating stuff: getting a good relationship with God and yourself, as well as dating with purpose.

Many men and women fit these and they’re well worth waiting for. That would be Jesus, and I don’t think he’s looking. Let their faith be proud and proven; you’re not a Christian just because you go to church on Easter and Christmas. Ladies, how many of you want to marry the guy living in his mom’s basement? My final word of advice is to let God set your standards.