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Think of it as the natural progression of Netflix or Gam Fly, but instead of movies or games on demand and in the mailbox, you can stream and rent adult videos for $9.95 a month. (Note that the links below are 18 ) Check out the full press release below: Sugar DVD's Unlimited TV Streaming Now On Playstation 3 & Roku Los Angeles, CA FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 1, 2011 Sugar has just opened up their unlimited TV streaming service to all Playstation 3 users.

Now anyone with a Roku, Boxee, Playstation 3, or a Google TV device can instantly stream hundreds of full-length adult movies to their TV using Sugar DVD's service.

To use the app, customers log into their Sugar DVD account using their PS3 and go to the TV streaming page.

From there they can scroll through a list of hundreds of full length adult movies sorted by categories like Couples, All Girl, and College.

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