Sex chat room trials

Both began sending each other nude pictures of themselves in sexual poses, according to testimony. 8, 2003, Hunsaker spent the night at the family’s apartment in Fort Collins, during which the mother had sex with Hunsaker seated next to the daughter on the living-room couch.

She got up when the sex started and sat with her brother on the floor watching television a few feet from the adults, according to testimony.

Her trial opened Monday in Franklin Circuit Court and Heyman was the first witness. Sidebottom, she gave her version of events she said caused her supervisors to fire her before she could successfully complete her six-month probationary period.

Heyman said she first attempted to tell her boss, Shaun Orme, then general counsel for the cabinet, that the employee and another administrative assistant were operating a "Pure Romance" business out of the state office, taking orders online and packing and shipping merchandise on state time.

Guinto testified that Camp Epic was modeled after the Boy Scouts, and that he formed it to help build children into leaders.