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When in the midst of these family disputes, many people cannot see a way out or envision their life after litigation.

The Pottstown Borough is in the process of making stricter laws that can address urban blight and slumlords.

One of these ordinances is similar to the newly passed PA State Law Act 90, which can be read about here: to the Broken Window Theory, run down rental properties owned and neglected by slumlords spread urban blight.

"A disordered environment which is littered, vandalized and not maintained sends the signal: this is a place where people do as they please and where they get away with that, without being detected. Slum properties attract criminal behavior, are unsafe for tenants, and lower neighboring property values.----------------Sincerely, I just signed the following petition addressed to: Pottstown Judges and Pottstown Codes Dept..----------------Prosecute slumlords within the Pottstown borough using PA state law Act 90!

“It provides students, faculty and local businesses with teaching, learning and research opportunities in such critical sustainability issues as water conservation, efficient land use, environmental preservation, and natural fertilization.” The Hub’s second floor is an Engineering Design Center, which supports MCCC’s Engineering Technology program.