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Ledewitz said the Ondriks might have a case if they can convince authorities they're sincere about their religion and that they truly believe in their church. Its Web site, which was recently taken offline, showed that couples were charged an admission of $50 while single men had to pay $75. Self-described swinger "Dave" said he and his partner paid money to get into the club. If you didn't pay your money you were going back out the door." Dave has offered to testify for the township in opposition to Ondrik's attempt to secure a variance. "From the little I can see I think he's got an uphill fight to convince the zoning authorities, first that he's sincere, and secondly that the activities are not primarily commercial in nature." Through his attorney John Ondrik refused an interview and rescinded an offer to give FOX News a tour of his church.

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The answer is not a simple one," says Steele, associate professor of biology at Wilkes University in Wilkes- Barre, PA.

"Gray squirrels may devour many acorns, but by storing and failing to recover up to 74 percent of them, these rodents aid regeneration and dispersal of oaks." The two researchers are studying why squirrels cache only certain acorns of the 32 species of oaks across eastern North America.

The studies by Steele and Smallwood, associate professor of biology at the University of Richmond, could have a significant impact on oak forest regeneration.