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"The embassy was encountering challenges in cases where undocumented South African women were insisting on travelling to Zimbabwe with their husbands," the official Herald newspaper reported Moyo as saying."About 10 undocumented South African women were insisting on travelling with their husbands," the paper added.

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"The men took turns to rape me while the others watched and sang liberation songs."Felicia was untied at dawn, but threatened with death if she fled the camp.

Undaunted, she escaped the next night and tried to report the case to the police, only to be turned away. "The war vets and the militia are above the law."She said there were dozens of other abducted women at the former school that has been turned into a militia camp.

Share on Facebook South African women are in dilemma over leaving the country with their foreign husbands who have been displaced by xenophobic violence in Durban, reports said on Thursday.

Over 10 South African women who strongly believe foreign men are way better than local guys want to travel to Zimbabwe with their husbands but don't have the right documents, said Isaac Moyo, Zimbabwe's ambassador to South Africa.

But there have been some unanswered questions as to how those who test positive should continue their lives.