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Có 18 người bị coi là thiệt mạng sau khi một xe buýt chở nhóm hành khách cao niên đi du ngoạn ủi vào một xe vận tải trên xa lộ ở vùng Bavaria vào sáng sớm ngày Thứ Hai, rồi sau đó bốc cháy, theo tin cảnh sát.

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His mother watched, not devoid of all pride, but shook her head. Turns out Orange County has the largest population of Vietnamese in the nation, and there he discovered photographs of the Arkansas refugee camp where his parents met. He had no choice: his parents’ story would be told now, in all his “immaturity,” Vampire Cowboys style. “I used to think maturity equaled a kind of seriousness,” he said. Then we talk about comedy as a means to deflect and endure pain.

Stick to writing funny plays, son, this stuff too sad for old man like me to recount just to help you write just another war story. “I used to think that I’d have to, you know, change my style, my voice, to succeed, to be taken seriously, to write about serious things.” A beat drops. It’s verbal martial arts.” On the other side of this call, I’m giddy: Qui just said his plays are verbal martial arts. “I have taken painful things that have happened, I’ve written the comic version of that painful thing, just to process it, just to not hold on to that anger,” but, said Qui, he doesn’t “write jokes for jokes’ sake.

Those viewing the play in the context of his body of work may see as an evolutionary step forward. He didn’t have to get serious to deliver the audience a story about real people with some seriously fucked up backstories finding love. But for the Vietnamese people in the audience, the revelation is that these “Vietnamese characters are falling in love, they’re having sex.” Like people do.

His parents have yet to see their son’s take on their sex lives in Arkansas after the fall of Saigon. It’s all true to the American son of two Vietnamese fighters against the Viet Cong.

Other commentators questioned the purpose of critiquing the use of the speech pattern, asserting that "picking at the vocal quirks of your own gender is just as much of a nuisance as harping on the bodies that belong to them".