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They obviously had not thought that the attack at the Bardo Museum in Tunis three months ago, in which 20 foreigners died, meant that they, too, were potential targets.

A volunteer who left her home and husband for the Calais Jungle started up a romance with a refugee after she promoted her charity’s no sex with migrants policy, it was reported last night.

Clare Moseley, founder of Care4Calais, had a relationship with Tunisian migrant Mohamed Bajjar, a fact which was reportedly well known among both migrants and volunteers.

But we also learned how brave the staff at the hotel had been during the attack.

And that many more of the tourists, Britons, would have been killed had these workers not repeatedly put themselves at risk from the gunman to save them. The tourist industry is Tunisia’s biggest employer and foreign revenue earner, and its collapse has had a devastating effect.

After she briefly returned to her husband Benjamin, 38, and their £700,000 five-bedroom house in Wirral, Merseyside, Mrs Moseley has since returned to the French port and is believed to live a mile away from Bajjar. She went home to try to save her marriage but Kimo isn’t letting go.‘It’s sickening that she has been so vocal about volunteers not having sex with migrants.’When approached by the Sun over the affair last night, speaking from her rented house in France Mrs Moseley said: ‘Is that it?