validating sender - Short 6 line dating skit

Short skits can be a great addition to many substance abuse related activities conducted by your group or to supplement an event another organization is putting on.

We have found them useful before an alcohol presentation, to community groups, at PTA meetings, during DARE graduations, and at parent training programs.

They are generally quick to learn, provide a sense of accomplishment, develop teamwork, provide drug information, and most students have fun doing them.

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until they get it in this unusual contemporary ten minute play in which the characters only address the audience and not each other.

With a only a sexy, high heeled shoe to go by, hard boiled gumshoe Justin Thyme, goes in search of a mysterious girl who charmed a certain prince and then left him high and dry.

It is a December 23 staple on Norwegian national television, and a cult television classic in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Faroe Islands and Austria; on New Year's Eve 2003 alone, the sketch was broadcast 19 times (on various channels).